Monday, 15 October 2018

Me and my sister. My son and his.

I've been on a project to crop out hundreds of photos from scans. These are from the collection of my mum. I tend to scan 2 or 3 per page, save the whole project as a PDF for accession to my Family Tree spreadsheet as well as saving each scan page as a TIF. I then crop out each photo, which remains a TIF.

I found this quite an emotional project because I was going through photos that documents events through 5 generations of my family.

While going through the photos, I came across the one below. I'm holding my sister and our auntie Veronique is sitting with us. Along this I've put a photo of my son, Noah, who is holding his day old sister. The photo of them was taken on 12 September, 2018.

I just liked that while these events capture an event that was unique, but these events happen during each generation. Each time this happens it is extremely special to the people involved, and yet is common throughout many families.

Tim Havenith holding Naomi Brown (left), Noah Havenith holding Ellie Havenith (right).

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Euro coins

My mum (Brigitte Havenith) once gave my opa (Jan Havenith) a journal to complete entitled 'This is dad's life'. In it, there was once question: What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen in your lifetime?

In answer to this question, part of his reply was: "The arrival of the Euro."

The handwriting of Jan Havenith
When the Euro did arrive, I remember opa giving me 2 coins, dated 1999, featuring Beatrix, the Queen of The Netherlands at the time. They were a 1 Euro coin and a 2 Euro coin. He made me feel like these were special, so I resolved to keep them. For a long time, the were kept together with black eletrical tape (doh!), but these days they are kept in a plastic coin bag and will be properly stored in future. Below are the front and obverse of the coins he gave me.